Today’s Lifestyle as Scale for Measuring Tomorrow’s Pulse.


    Youths are not just the future of nations their features could predict the future.

    In terms of politics, economy and technology America and other advanced nations had done and are doing pretty well but they are at the peak of civilization as it were, where it’s easier to descend than ascend and so they need to contain their own excesses.

    The world isn’t free of violence and wars often triggered by lust for power, resources … and ethics shouldn’t join the variables fueling these wars. ‘Too much freedom’ could boomerang to imprison peoples enjoying the extreme privilege and if caution isn’t exercised many ethical issues will pitch peoples against peoples, societies against societies and countries against countries.

    I won’t be surprised if paedophiles et al begin to cry out and seek advocates, activists to champion their own cause on the premise that, that’s how nature made them and it’s height of injustice to criminalize the lifestyle.

    I rest my case!

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