The Impacts of Families and Governments in our Societies.


    Family is the building block of the society and instructions (especially at childhood) impact our attitudes and behaviours

    If every family decides to manufacture awesome, wholesome biological products for their society, a chunk of humans problems will varnish on earth.

    Paraphrased if every groom and bride; dad and mum determine to bless their society with good products (children) Governments will spend less on needless budgets – violence, crime, insurgency, corruption, drug and human-trafficking … and Governments will have more to support families.

    If every Government is resolute to support various families under their jurisdiction, with people-friendly, family-friendly projects and policies they will bless families, and what goes around comes around. So? The various families will also extend, expand the good and goodwill of Governments and that’s blessing in multiple folds.

    Prosperity. Posterity.

    Violent attacks on places of worship, shopping mall, hotels, schools, movies as well as school shootings … are caused by humans not the devil (though the devil is a suspect) but did you know that these violent people are products of some families and they were once babies, helpless beings!

    So what happened perhaps between the innocence of childhood to the evil in adulthood? Not to forget preteens, teenagers are also agents of violence too.

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