One Stimulus (Traffic Gridlock) and Diverse Reactions and Responses.


    Traffic is hiccups, headaches to most motorists and commuters.

    Banker. Yuya in Tokyo switches on his radio to enjoy drive-time jamz which starts from 5pm to 9pm weekdays.

    Painter and contractor. Yaya (a Lagos resident) and an automobile enthusiast smiles once he beholds traffic gridlock, for it’s time to access and assess diverse cats as he labels cars.

    Insurance staff. It’s time for Laraba in Kano to listen to her favourite Islamic gospel songs.

    Yam, maize, millet and cotton farmer. Baba in Kaduna uses his jeep to bully other cars and bikes while trying to gain space. To him every little space (gained by hook or crook) is a step closer home. He must remove his car and drive to face upcoming traffic and quickly bullies his way back to his initial lane. His car once paid for his habits and it was hospitalized for 3 weeks at the mechanic’s yet he didn’t repent.

    Lecturer. Lateef in Abeokuta is notorious for calling other motorists, “Thief” sometimes “Don’t allow the thief access” at another time, “If you give thief space you’re a thief too”. He’s referring to motorists that move out of their normal lane to another and tries to get back when they face an upcoming car, and the bigger the upcoming vehicle the more desperate they get to regain access.

    Mother-care products retailer. Eve in Port-Harcourt must heave no matter how long or short, wide or narrow the traffic was until her hubby repaired her car radio and compelled her to forget the pressures of the moment and enjoy good music, sweet voices, news on radio. “I paid #7,500:00 to get your radio repaired so listen to it. Don’t give yourself hypertension over what another sees as Nollywood!”

    Transporter. Alaba (aka Ba Ba) in Ibadan drives like he was in hell if his Nissan (Micra) stays on the same spot for 2 minutes. Fund of shouting gbe body e (move your car in this context) to other motorists.

    To be continued.

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