#MondayMotivation (‘The Don-Tiger Team’ Philosophy)

    US President Donald Trump with Golf legend, Tiger Woods at the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, White House, Washington.

    Hello it’s Monday and #motivationmonday is trending. Masters Trophy Award at Augusta by Tiger Woods –  the gateway to Presidential Medal of Freedom for same.

    The Don that saw achievements in the Tiger and the Tiger that made exploits in the woods highlights the fact that diligence attracts success and excellence and humans thrive in motivation; though different things motivate different people.

    Commendation fuels performance in Rooney; promotion is the passion of Rodney and autonomy peaks productivity in Johnson and so on.

    Love and life are twins and neighbours; the success of one, the progress of the other. Fame and fortune are also twins and neighbours … but one event can independently trigger misfortune and in some cases one event can lead to other events and then they team up to bring a man or woman down.

    When love and life are together at the centre but then love goes west and life east, haywire is next … and Tiger Woods fell from height to depth but that wasn’t the end … lessons learnt … he aspired and his aspiration became inspiration to people across the globe.

    Yes he rose from grass back to grace. Few events, persons motivate and inspire more.

    US President Donald Trump saw a legendary and sensational comeback in sports, in Tiger Woods when he won (Masters Trophy) and providence made him complete the equation of motivation and inspiration from lowest to highest with the Medal of Freedom.

    Tiger Woods had gone down in a series of events after the sensational scandal … he came back, achieved, aimed higher, achieved and finally soared, to hug and kiss the sky with the greatest award (Presidential Medal of Freedom) the Highest Civilian Award of the United States.

    This week, join the forward-looking team of your company, country, family, association … and contribute your quota to your society and humanity in general.

    Welcome to a Brand New Week and have a successful week.

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    Photo credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

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