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    Cameroonian-born Kannywood actress Amina (Amal) Muhammad

    Beyond Borders

    Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim, Majid Mikel … are Ghanaians plying their trade in both Ghollyywood and Nollywood because they’ve got what it takes (English as medium of communication) and by extension skills or acting prowess.

    Now Ghana and Nigeria are both Anglophone countries and our official language being English so these actors need not take language lessons to fit into Nollywood.

    Many football players had to learn a second or third language to have seamless interactions with fellow teammates, their managers and other football players, et al. Don’t forget to have a seamless and successful career you need not just information but communication.

    If I use grandiloquent English to communicate with elementary school children even adults at times they may not understand what I’m passing across (information) because they can’t interpret and so the information never reaches its destination (communication).

    Amina ‘Amal’ Muhammad is a Cameroonian actress who overcame many barriers to ply her trade in Kannywood but she’s Fulani and speaks Fulfulde but Kannywood language is Hausa and this is a barrier and to combat this major challenge she had to seek Hausa Language skills and she did.

    She’s a fan of Kannywood movies while in Cameroon and the more she watched the movies the more she fell in love with acting and her fave actors. Cameroon doesn’t have a vibrant movie industry, as such Amina Amal had to relocate to Nigeria but she needed parental consent which she sought and they eventually endorsed her request and Amal parceled herself to Naija and she never looked back again. Congrats!

    Language is so important and African parents must endeavour to teach their children their mother-tongues.

    As Nigerians many of us learnt English in school because our parents didn’t use the language to train us but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak English or French to them. In fact do, it will help their Ijaw or Efik and these indigenous languages will also help their English or French or Arab and so on.

    If you don’t use your mother-tongue don’t discourage others from speaking and teaching them and by extension encourage them to take their indigenous language lessons in school, very serious, just like English and Mathematics. You may also get them teachers (home lesson) to impact their mother-tongue in them.

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