And Hard-Fighting Man City Finally Won the League.


    2018-2019 EPL Champions Man City.

    After losing to Newcastle (Newcastle 2-1 Man City) in week 24 the Citizens went on to win their remaining league games: 14 in all to secure their victory and that’s history of winning the league twice in  a row. Congrats guys!

    Man City harvested all the available 3 points from week 25 to week 38. Oh, what an exploit!


    Results of Week 38 (2018-2019 EPL season):

    Brighton 1-4 Man City

    Burnley 1-3 Arsenal

    Fulham 0-4 Newcastle

    Crystal Palace 5-3 Bournemouth

    Leicester City 0-0 Chelsea

    Liverpool 2-0 Wolves

    Southampton 1-1 Huddersfield

    Man United 0-2 Cardiff City

    Tottenham 2-2 Everton

    Watford 1-4 West Ham

    Man City finally won the league with 98 points and +72 goals; Liverpool are the first runners-up with 97 points and +67 goals; Chelsea came third with 71 points and +24 goals and Spurs came fourth with 70 points and +28 goals.

    Mohammed Salah (Liverpool) Sadio Mane (Liverpool) and Patrick Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) scored the highest number of goals this season and they netted 22 times each, what a feat!

    I’m proud of you guys. Congrats!

    It’s the end of 2018-2019 EPL season. Thank you for coming this far with us. And sure we are and we are proudly made in Nigeria.

    The lesson is if you slip, in love or life don’t sleep there and snore. Get up and get going. You will win!

    Photo credit: REUTERS

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