Zendaya Reveals What She Holds Closest To Heart In Interview With Harper’s Bazaar


As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, Zendaya is opening up about what she loves most.

The 22-year-old “Spider-Man: Homecoming” actress sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for the mag’s annual February “Love List” issue and chatted about why family is most important to her.

While her grandmothers are on her list, her family memorabilia is also a big deal, like “my dad’s Queen Nefertiti pendant: He had it made in the ’70s. It’s my favourite piece of jewelry. It’s not mine technically, but maybe one day he’ll pass it on to me. All of my siblings have their eyes on it.”

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She also treasures her grandpa’s old work shirts. “They’re my most favourite clothes I’ve ever owned. I actually re-created them for the TommyxZendaya collection,” she says, adding that homemade gifts hold a special place in her heart.

“I have a page from a colouring book that my little niece vibrantly coloured in and gave to me,” she explains. “It currently resides on my fridge.”

At the top of her pantheon, however are her grandmothers. “I call them the queens of my world,” Zendaya declares. “They are the epitome of strength and grace.”

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In addition to family, Zendaya also loves her work, and opens up about her latest endeavour, her new clothing collab with Tommy Hilfiger.

“When I was first presented with the opportunity, I was told that Tommy Hilfiger himself wanted to talk to me about it,” she tells Harper’s. “And sure enough he was on the phone, explaining how he wanted me to be as creative as I wanted. He told me how I would be able to truly have creative control from concept to clothing, down to the font on the packaging. I was in heaven when I showed up with my inspiration boards and a million ideas, and I was allowed to just go for it, with all the support in the world.”

Film and TV scripts are another favourite thing. “If scripts count as books, I’d say that they’re the most influential books I’ve ever read because every project I’ve wound up doing has helped me grow and, in turn, has changed me.”

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